Sunday, December 6, 2009

Important Updates

Steve Mullaney's Talk Wed. Dec. 9th at 7:00 PM is looking good. (1420 Hill St. Ann Arbor, the Friends Meeting House)  We have a few Facebook posts saying they will attend and we are getting a good number of emails directly from this site!  See the post below for more details. 

We recently got this:
My name is Sonya Zumbiel and I live in Cincinnati.  I wanted to first congratulate you all on getting this group off the ground!  That is so exciting!  I also wanted to pass along our local group's website if it can be of any assistance to you.  Our group has been together (Friends Through Guatemalan Adoption) for about 6 years and are still going strong.  You can see our site at and let me know if I can answer any questions at all.

I also want to say how excited I am that you are starting with educational opportunities on giving back.  That is a huge component of our group as well.  We do many projects aimed at supporting non-profits in Guatemala as well as planning mission trips back to Guatemala.  You can see all of this on the site.

Right now we have our Holiday Giving Back Project going that is in its 5th year and people from all over the US support the effort!  Last year donors from 22 states gave.  I wanted to see if you would pass it along if possible as an option for holiday giving.  I have attached a flyer about it.

I am also a board member for Behrhorst Partners for Development in Guatemala ( which is a non-profit that has existed for over 40 years in Guatemala doing basic community development and infrastructure work (water projects, stoves, malnutrition work, etc...).  I would be more than happy to venture north if you ever want to host an event about the work of Behrhorst.  Our daughter's neurologist was in Ann Arbor for years (just moved to Eastern PA) so we are very used to that trip!

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